The MOVE Difference

Since we exist solely to benefit our members, we differ slightly to the major banks. Our focus on becoming the number one financial partner of our members guides us in striving to offer exceptional service at every corner. Our people play a huge part in this and if you work with us you’ll see how committed we all are to the same vision and motivated by the goal of helping members wherever possible.

At the end of the day, it is the MOVE Bank team who are responsible for bringing our vision of ‘exceptional service’ to life. Since they’re our most valuable asset, we’re completely committed to ongoing support, training and encouragement for all of our team members.

Whether you’re looking for a full time, part time or casual position, we have roles to suit anyone who’s interested in contributing to our goal. If you love helping people, believe in positively empowering others to take control of their financial future and like to be rewarded for striving for excellence, you’ll fit in nicely around here.

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Values and Culture

Five core values guide the dynamic team based culture at MOVE Bank. We are a tight-knit team that has a dynamic and exciting atmosphere, which helps us to effectively conduct business at the leading edge of mutual finance. Combine this with the passion and drive of our people and the result is a workplace where people are genuinely happy to serve our members and feel personally rewarded by what they do.

REACH Leadership Development Program

Team members who excel in their leadership, leadership potential or engagement with MOVE Bank and the wider Customer Owned Banking Community are eligible to apply to participate in the REACH Leadership Development program incorporating regular leadership development activities both within and outside the organisation. REACH program participants can also apply to be part of the bi-annual Leadership Development Award. This award recognises team members for their outstanding contribution to MOVE Bank and aims to provide opportunities for them to further succeed by participating in a CUFA initiative, leadership conference or external training course.


What is CUFA?

The Credit Union Foundation Australia (CUFA) was founded on the belief that education is the key to empowering individuals to break the cycle of poverty. Specifically, CUFA believes that providing financial education, employment and enterprise opportunities will drive economic development and self-determination in the Asia Pacific region.
Each year, the recipient of the MOVE Leadership Development Award is given the opportunity to visit the Asia Pacific region to provide insight and knowledge to locals about finance management and budgeting skills.
Fiona (2013 recipient) and Jacqui (2014 recipient) were recipients of the Leadership Development Award and were given the opportunity to visit Cambodia to share their knowledge and skills with the goal of helping people lift themselves out of poverty. Both Fiona and Jacqui have shared their experiences and insight below.

Employee Benefits

Rewarding our people is very important to us, as they’re the ones that are delivering the level of service we’re renowned for. Our people benefits fall under four categories:


Competitive salaries that are reviewed annually

Financial incentives

Corporate Rail Pass for free travel to and from work*

Concessional interest rates for both loans and term deposits

Study assistance

Corporate uniform

In-house health and wellbeing activities such as personal training, yoga, health and wellbeing program, massage, personal training classes and more

Leave Entitlement

10 days personal leave per annum

6 weeks paid parental leave

4 weeks paid annual leave (plus 17.5% annual leave loading)

1.5 days recreational leave per annum

13 weeks long service leave after 10 years

Early access to long service leave after 5 years (1 week per year)

Study leave

Leave without pay

Training & Development

Formal training programs

Performance and development appraisals

Team building and development workshops

Study assistance

Career planning


Full time, part time and casual employment opportunities

Standard working hours of 8.15am-4.45pm on Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri and 8.00am-4.45pm on Wed

Access to an employee assistance scheme

MOVE Bank sponsored corporate events such as monthly team get together, Christmas parties and celebration events

All benefits that are above award benefits are not a condition of employment and can be altered or cancelled at the discretion of the CEO
* Corporate Rail Pass provided by Queensland Rail and is subject to change at any time.

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