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If you have any questions about your banking options refer to the ENQUIRE links, or call a banking specialist.

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MOVE Bank provides a full range of banking exclusively for people working within the rail, transport and logistics industries. These include home loans, personal loans, transaction accounts, insurance and term deposits. 

All products are competitively priced and interest rates are consistently better than the wider marketplace. We are dedicated to putting people ahead of profit and providing outstanding personal service to our members at all times.

You get the best possible financial solutions for your lifestyle with access to your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check your balances, view your transactions, pay your bills and even receive your statements electronically using our 24/7 banking services. 

"We love them, they always give high level personalised service and honest advice."

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Use the handy tools below to make an informed decision:

Deposits and Withdrawals

Payroll deduction

A set amount can be automatically deducted from your pay and deposited into the account of your choosing. Just set and forget!

Bank transfer

If you have an account at another financial institution, you can easily transfer money from it, into your MOVE Bank account. You'll just need your membership number and our BSB 724 100.

Cash / Cheque

The MOVE Bank branch at Brisbane Central Station does not have cash facilities, so we are unable to process cash deposits or withdrawals.Cheque deposits can be made at our Brisbane Central Station branch or mailed to us at GPO BOX 648, Brisbane, QLD, 4001. Cheques and cash can be deposited at Australia Post - Bank@Post outlets, however, they can only be deposited into the account linked to your Visa Debit card (you can move funds later using phone or internet banking.) Also, if depositing a cheque, it must be made out to the same name as on the Visa Card.

Payment options

When banking with MOVE, there are a number of payment options available to you. These include a Visa Debit card, direct debit options and cheque books (25 leaf) for a small fee. 

BPAY® free (over internet and phone banking)

Available 24 hours a day, everyday, via internet and phone banking. To pay bills enter the Biller code and BPAY® reference number (both located on bills that have the BPAY® symbol) where appropriate, in internet banking or phone banking.

How long do funds take to transfer? If you pay a bill before 4:00pm Queensland EST time, the money should arrive at the specified company within two business days.


You can withdraw cash from your MOVE Bank account at thousands of Bank@Post locations across Australia. You need a Visa card to use this service and a small withdrawal fee applies (deposits are free).

Withdrawal Limits

A maximum daily withdrawal limit of $2,000 per card applies to all Visa card transactions where you enter your PIN (i.e. EFTPOS and ATM withdrawals). There is no limit for Visa ’Credit’ transactions, the only restriction being the amount of funds you have in your account.

Cash Advance

You can use your Visa card to obtain a cash advance over the counter from most banks that display the Visa symbol. This is a good back-up option to use if your card has been damaged and will not work through EFTPOS or ATM or if you have forgotten your PIN. The bank may ask you for some form of identification.

Visa Debit Cards

Visa payWave technology

As Visa payWave is designed to offer cardholders speed and convenience, most of the time cardholders will not need to sign or enter a PIN to complete a transaction.  The low transaction limit of $100 imposed for contactless transactions in Australia and rigid security layers make fraud on Visa payWave more unattractive and difficult for criminals. Higher value transactions using a Visa payWave-enabled card will revert to the traditional cardholder verification method (cardholder signature or PIN).  For further information about these transactions please visit Visa Paywave or click here for more information about how Visa payWave works.

PIN Change and Card Activation

Change your PIN

You can change your PIN at any time by logging in to myMOVE banking and selecting "PIN Change" option from the Services menu.


Activate Your New Visa Card

When you have received both your PIN and your Visa Card you can activate your card by one of the following:

1. Log on to myMOVE Banking (on your desktop computer) and select "Card Activation" from the "Services" menu, then enter your card number and the expiry date

2. Call us on 1300 362 216 during office hours.

You will be unable to use your new card until it has been activated

Security and Privacy

We're intensely proud that since 1968, railway workers and their families have been entrusting us with their money. We take our role as their financial custodian extremely seriously. Not only are we regulated by the same associations as banks, building societies and other credit unions - the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) – we're also audited on a regular basis by external auditors. Our commitment to maintaining an ethical workplace is epitomised in our procedures and policies covering business continuity planning, computer usage, disaster recovery, dispute resolution and the performance of internal audits. This means you can be assured that your money is safe with us. In fact, the only difference between us and other big financial institutions is that we're exclusive enough to give our members the kind of personalised service and attention that makes them feel a million dollars, every day.

Internet and Phone Banking

Convenient access

Internet banking is available 24 hours a day, everyday via myMOVE banking options of desktop, mobile or myMOVE APP. Simply log on through our website. Phone banking is also available 24/7 by calling 1300 362 216 and selecting option 1.


Both Internet and phone banking with MOVE Bank allows for paying bills through BPAY®.

Account activity

Check balances, transactions and interest earnings.

Transferring funds

Transfer funds between MOVE Bank accounts or accounts held at other financial institutions using myMOVE banking (transfer service not available on phone banking).

Account statements

‭eStatements are now available online through internet banking, so ‭you can access your statements anytime, anywhere, all in a safe ‭and secure environment. 

Cheque deposits

Confirm when cheques are presented or your pay is deposited.

My Alerts

Keep on top of what's happening with your accounts in real time, with alerts. These are personalised alerts that can be sent to your mobile or email, notifying you of important account-related information. These can be:

• Your savings, Flexi Credit or loan balance falling outside a nominated range

• Deposits and withdrawals above a nominated amount

• Your account balance at the end of the day / week / month

• Advance reminder of your loan repayment

• Your loan repayment being overdue

To register:

Login to myMOVE banking (if you're not registered, phone us on 1300 362 216).

Go to the 'SERVICES' menu option and scroll down to 'ALERTS'.

Follow the menu prompts to decide which alerts you would like.

Once you've tried the service, we'd love to hear your thoughts on it - simply email us and a member of our team will respond.

myMOVE banking Tutorials

If you're having any troubles, please see our video tutorials or call us on 1300 362 216.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about your banking options refer to the ENQUIRE links, or call a banking specialist.

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