The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 8th November 2018 at the Pullman Brisbane King George Square, corner Ann and Roma Streets at 6pm. 


For more information about this year's AGM please download the Notice of Meeting below.


Notice of Meeting 2018

Online Voting

Shareholders who are not attending the AGM in person can lodge their proxy (and therefore vote) online. This is a chance for all shareholding members to have a say in the running of MOVE Bank and we would encourage you to take this opportunity to get involved.

Online voting will close at 6.00pm on Tuesday 6 November 2018.

How to vote online

Voting online is a straightforward process, and we’ve provided the following instructions to guide you through the process.

1. Click on the ‘VOTE NOW’ button above


2. Log in to the online voting site by entering your member number and the postcode for your postal address. Then click NEXT


3. Review your member details on the screen and if you are happy they are correct click NEXT


4. Review the important information provided about this year's AGM, including information about proxy voting. You can also download the Notice of Meeting and Annual report. 

When you are ready click NEXT   


5. You will now need to nominate a proxy for your vote. Please select either the Chairman or another proxy using the check boxes provided. Once you have made your selection click NEXT


6. You will now see the four resolutions to be voted on. For each resolution you can choose to vote for, against, or abstain. If you do not wish to vote, you may click NEXT without selecting an option to cast an OPEN vote where your proxy will decide for you.

Once you have made your voting decision click NEXT


7. If you did not cast an open vote you will now see a summary of your votes in relation to the four resolutions. Please review all infomration on this page including your member details and the details of you Proxy to ensure they are correct. 

If you would like an email confirmation of your vote please enter your email address in the space provided.


8.  If all the information provided is correct click SUBMIT. To change your votes click EDIT, and you will be returned to the voting page.