Check your car for safety issues and make sure it’s in working order easily with these 4 easy tips.

They’ll have you breaking down less, and reducing the risks of accidents without the need for a mechanic in between services.

  1. Seat belts should be checked for wear and tear and damage from the sun. Give them a good tug to make sure they resist. If they are loose or don’t resist, make sure to get them checked out by a professional.
  2. Tyres should be checked for correct air pressure at most service stations around Australia. Check the gauge and you can release air or fill up accordingly. Also check your tyres have adequate tread and that you have a spare in the boot in case of a flat!
  3. Oil can be checked easily. Remove the dipstick and wipe clean, then replace and pull out again to see where the oil is sitting on the stick. If it’s between the two markings you’re good to go! Otherwise, you can easily top it up at home. Always keep an eye on the floor where you park for fluid markings which can raise the alarm about other issues with your vehicle.
  4. Lights can be checked by watching for a reflection of light on the garage walls. Whilst you’re at it you can also flick on your wipers to make sure they work, sound your horn, and check for cracks in the glass and mirrors. Don’t forget to check your handbrake on steep hills periodically as well.

These checks can easily be performed at home; however don’t forget to enlist a mechanic when it comes to regular servicing to ensure the more complicated tasks are performed safely and correctly. Becoming familiar with your vehicle is important so you know what your mechanic is talking about, and for safety on the roads.

And don’t forget to make sure you have the right car insurance to suit your needs.

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