Increase in Visa card verification transactions

We’ve received a number of enquiries from our members over the last couple of months about Visa card transactions of $0.01 from ‘Visa San Francisco’ appearing in their transaction history.

While these transactions may look fraudulent, they are actually legitimate transactions performed by Visa’s ecommerce platform for card verification. In essence, the $0.01 is a test transaction to ensure that the card you’ve used to pay a bill is legitimate.

The recent increase of these transactions is due to the nation-wide adoption of this ecommerce solution by large Australian businesses such as Telstra. Test transactions of $0.01 from ‘Visa San Francisco’ should disappear from the account within 10 business days.

If you are concerned that there is a $0.01 transaction from Visa San Francisco on your account, check to see if you’ve made a payment for a phone or energy bill in the last couple of days. If you have, you can be assured the $0.01 is a legitimate transaction and is related to this payment. If you haven’t or are still unsure, please call a MOVE consultant on 1300 362 216 to clarify and assess the transaction for you.