In the April issue of MOVE Life we announced that we were changing our transaction fee structure, with the aim of making everyday banking transaction-fee free for as many of you as possible.

Since the new structure came into effect on 1 May 2018, we’ve been able to reduce the number of members paying fees by 36%!

This is fantastic news for members and means we are one step closer to our goal: to reduce the total number members of paying fees to zero.


How can I avoid paying fees?

Under our new fee structure, MOVE offers transaction fee-free banking to members who hold any of the following accounts with MOVE:

  • Transaction account(s) with a combined balance of over $2,000 ^
  • Online savings account(s) with a combined balance of over $2,000^
  • Loans
  • Flexi Home Credit or Flexi Investment credit facilities
  • Term deposits

Transaction fee-free banking is also offered to all members under 30 years of age, and to all new members for the first three months of their membership.

Members who hold a transaction account and do not meet the criteria are charged a flat $5 fee per month on their account.


Did you pay the fee?

As we mentioned our goal is to reduce the number of members paying fees to zero.

MOVE has a range of award winning home loans and savings accounts, and offers some of the most of the most competitive rates in the market for personal loans, car loans and term deposits.

So there’s never been a better time to bring more of your banking to MOVE!

If you have been charged the fee, simply call us on 1300 362 216 to see how we can help you say good bye to transaction fees with a product that’s right for you.


^ Balance requirements for online savings accounts and transaction accounts (including Flexi Personal Credit accounts) are calculated using the minimum monthly balance.